Video: BMG & Derek Plaslaiko, “Is Your Mother Home”

“Is Your Mother Home” is a new, gruff gem of Detroit techno with a bassline described on the label’s site “like a child molester saying ‘get in my van.’” The track’s the work of two Motor City stalwarts, Brendan Gillen bka BMG, founding member of the influential group Ectomorph, and Derek Plaslaiko, a Bunker affiliate and current resident of Berlin. Just as impressive, though, is the music video courtesy of fellow Detroit artist Dvdan, who produced the visuals live, in one take. He incorporates different layers of sound-driven animation for each element of the song, so the creepy chauffeur vocals appear in the video as neon teal skyscraper shapes, the bass overlapping as this expanding Eye of Sauron thing. It’s comprehensively insane. “Is Your Mother Home” is out now on the long dormant (but recently revived) Detroit techno label Interdimensional Transmissions. (via Fact)

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