Based Scripture: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU

Does anybody have anything to ask me? I say this, though, out of respect: You see everybody raising their hand, right? Just me personally, when I’m driving, I see somebody raising their hand and my whole attitude of respect is to let this person go. That’s my reaction. You see somebody raising their hand? Here you go. Just that vibe, just that tone. We all got our hands raised and we all want to talk, so let that person talk and you’ll be next. I feel everybody can do it civilized.

I just want people to see the tone of respect I’m carrying, the love and respect I’m trying to instill for the generations. I don’t have no secret plan behind it. I generally want to bring back the people, all of us loving each other. We all human, we all people. Have fun while you’re alive. God bless, we’re all about to die some day. Be ready. I just want to say, humbly think about this. Our bodies are amazing. We’re all consistently—our white warrior blood cells, our red blood cells, everybody is fighting for us in our body and we don’t see. Salute to our brain and our cells fighting for us, fighting off those infections when you rub your butt and you forget to—when you’re writing a paper and you wipe your butt and you go to shake your partner’s hand. Wash your hands! Wash your hands! It’s crazy! I’m watching my hands all the time, shouts out to Sam for that.

At the end of the day, we can’t judge anybody. From the richest to the homeless, from the dog to the cat. You have to look at these things. I thank my car that I didn’t get into an accident. I’m like, thank you. Brand new. Nothing I drive is under 50,000 miles. 50, 50, 50,000, bro. Straight from Europe. I tell you, I’m Buick’d up. Toyota, whatever. We doing it. But like I say, I thank my car. Thank you whoever, whatever, earth, spirit, myself, people. I’m like, man, I got from point A to point B safely. Congratulations to everybody getting here safely, man, I’m telling you. And shouts out to New York for always embracing me. Always. Because, man, coming from Berkeley.

Being in this industry, man, you guys have got to watch out. In business, there are going to be a lot of people. This is crazy and I’m going to tell it to you like this, this is what I really live by. I run my business by this. You see a lot of people—and I cannot STAND these kind of people, I promise you—they’re like, “Ah, man, it’s just business. Business is business. It’s business.” It’s like, what are you talking about? Have some people love! What happened to humans? Everybody’s thinking about capital gains! Ay, bruh, I’m serious. I’m like, dude, I’m hollering at somebody because I do this out of love. I do this for free, for the love. Y’all make me. The people make me. I been giving you stuff free, over two thousand songs. Lil B. I’m around my business different. It’s business, but do what you love. If you want to do something out of love and the spirit, do something because your heart tells you that. Do something, not because, oh, it’s a business, oh, beat me in the business, I’m going to do this favor because it’s the business, I’m not going to pay attention to you because it’s the business, I’m going to treat you unequal because it’s the business, or I’m going to treat you some way because it’s the business. What happened to being a naked human being? Even though we’re not. We’re advanced now, like you see. It’s obvious we’re not naked.

Salute to the architects, man, anybody that’s designing things. Anybody in here designing anything? Salute to you, bruh. Build some of the next beautiful buildings. Thank you. So what’s everybody doing up in here? What you going here for? I know we got a lot of future legends? Congratulations! Salute yourself! Be happy! Talk about yourself! And you know on top, this is one of the best schools ever.

Salute to the generation and to all our kids that are just going to be friends. I can’t wait for all of our kids. We about to grow up, 50, 40, and we’ll be looking at people with no boundaries, no colors, no judgement. I’m a really do this: I want to have a place where you can come. It’s going to be like a city. You can come and it’s like, bruh, everybody is on the same wavelength of positivity. You see somebody? Let them go. Ask somebody how they’re doing today. I had to train myself to do that. I didn’t just become a happy person, you feel me. I had to train myself. I lied to myself for a while. I had to train myself, because I wasn’t always positive. I think I was so busy trying to be cool. Being younger, I was skinny and stuff, I was like, I need to garner my respect in the streets. I didn’t want to get picked on, so it was things I did that I felt were necessary. You grow up and you’re like, man, I was just so wrapped up. Be yourself. I was wrapped up in friends and wanting to be this and wanting respect. This was young. It’s crazy what goes on. You see the cool guys, or in high school it’s the bad kids. Everybody has their adventure.

I was a product of the media and my environment. I seen the people I like with gold teeth, and I was like, man, I want gold teeth. He looked like me and I wanted gold teeth. Everybody can get a grill in here. Everybody should embrace that. Get gold teeth! Don’t be thinking so hard, like, “Oh, man, I can’t get gold teeth.” Who is going to say what to you? We got love in our heart. We good people. Can’t nobody tell you nothing if you doing it from the love and you’re embracing people. Try to have fun and try to be as less ignorant as possible and meet people. I’m trying to set a tone for the younger generations. You can look how you want, but now you will be judged from your soul and your heart. Why I work everyday and why I love you guys so much is I want people to no longer, as hard as it is, to not judge somebody for the look but from their heart and their actions and their positivity and how much they put out there. Even if you’re pissed off, still stay positive. If you got a friend doing bad, be like, “Stay positive.” That’s the only way. Positivity, happiness, forgiving, forgiving, forgiving.

Forgiveness? Forgiving. I think that’s number one. Forgive and say, “Man, we only human. Man, nobody hates you.” We might feel that people hate us, and people do mean. But I go to sleep every night and I feel good, despite the hate every day and the threats. You take a deep breath and you know what you’re doing it for. We’re all searching life for how we can serve humanity. What are we going to do that we can do for free for the rest of our lives and feel good about? How are you going to serve the humans?

You know how I serve humanity? Spreading true love. Putting myself out there to be vulnerable, to be criticized, to be one of the most critiqued artists ever. They’re like, brrrr, Lil B said this at this time. Lil B is talking here. It’s beautiful, and I want to give this scarf to somebody too. And real talk, I want to give some books to the beautiful students that made this happen. I’ve got a few of my rare books. It’s love, bro. Shouts out to Seb. I see you. This is the first book I ever wrote when I was 19. We got the positive DVD in there. You already know me because you’re seeing me right now. You guys see my true core. It’s not sketchy. It’s no fraud. It’s no corporation backing me. I really love people, I’m really here for the people. I don’t care. It’s not gimmicks. I pick and choose what I want to do. I deny a lot of people and I love it, I stay rare. Nobody will ever work with Lil B and that’s how it goes.

I’m ready to die for the humans. I’m ready to die for positivity. I’m ready to be the poster. A lot of hip-hop artists don’t understand the position they’re in. They be like, “Bruh, I’m not a role model.” And me, I feel totally different. I feel like I am a role model, and we all are. We all role models. Without y’all, it’d be no me. As a role model with the power influence, whether it’s Twitter followers or friends, you always want to use your influence for positive things. Put down the guns. Please stop the gun violence. Stop the knife violence. The chemical warfare, let’s stop that. Biological warfare, let’s stop that. Who knows about hydraulic fracking? Let’s stop fracking! Hey, bruh, stop messing with the earth, bruh. Real talk, we hear about these deadly gases going on in the earth, and I’m like, whodie! For real. I’m like, whodie. Whodie, get that oil out the ocean, whodie.

I see what we’re living in. We were all born into something. You have to salute the humans before us, right. I have no problem and no animosity because we’re in a beautiful place. Imperfections, duh, nothing is perfect, but this is beautiful right here. This moment. We gotta be happy about something. Everything is not going to be right, but we gotta be happy about something right now. It’s continuous life living, continuous rotations of life living. Like I said, stop messing with this earth. I’m going to be going in and learning new ways to protect the earth. Trust me, I don’t even litter. I’m not a litterer. You see me and I’m not throwing trash on the ground. If I throw this trash right here, this is just adding for someone to pick up. This is just adding for some animal to get stuck in. At the end of the day, it all starts from you.

I had to take steps myself for people to believe in me. I had to be a walking light of spiritual positivity and a walking beam of love before anybody could respect that, you feel me? It’s a big thing like, people call me the based god out of respect. People aren’t stupid. People here are a high class of honor, and people from the highest class call me the based god. The based god came from positivity and love and from watching out for people. I take that with heed. When people call me the based god, I accept me, but I’m not the based god. The based god is better than me. It’s crazy, you know. It’s crazy. But we all got a hand in love. One by one, each and every one of us needs to keep living and embedding that positivity. Look at that person. They didn’t ask to be born, they didn’t ask to be who they are. It’s like, man, embrace their style. Look at somebody and be like, “Man, they’re unique. But how are we similar? What is our commons?”

My grammar and spelling and how I say things might not be technically what we hear or textbook, but as long as you understand me? You have to work as a human with empathy and love in your heart, staying positive and staying based and staying normal. You have to make an effort to learn about people. You have to make an effort at your job. You have to make an effort to care. When you care about everybody genuinely, when you look at everybody like they’re a million dollars, it takes a lot of energy out you. You give everybody a chance. This is the successful lifestyle of personal excellence. Success is what you see on the outside, but I live a life of personal excellence. People can look at a Bentley as success or money as success, but at the end of the day personal excellence is what you strive for. Everybody is successful, we all made it. Y’all are in college. But now it’s about going back.

I have no pride. I have no pride issues. I have no pride. I can’t be under as well as be on top, and that’s for the people. That’s why I never signed a deal. I’m unsigned. I have no record label behind me. When you see everything I do, this is me pushing my love. It was a lot of managers and fake managers that wanted to claim me, and you have to watch out for the industry predators, and predators in business. And sexual predators. We’ve dealt with that. It’s a very touchy subject and it’s very uncomfortable for all of us. Anybody who has went through hardships like that, I love y’all, and the best I can tell y’all is to forgive. Cleanse your soul and forgive yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself.

I don’t write my speeches. Any time I speak it will be from the heart. You can’t write down love. If I was a phony man, y’all could look me in my face, man. If I didn’t have love, and if I didn’t really care about the community and wanting people to excel—I want all of us as a human race to excel and stop being so hard on each other. Stop using separation. Stop saying, “Why are you dressed like that?” What are you talking about? Like, stop. If someone looks different from you, admire them. Stop thinking so hard about things. Have a light heart. Get lighthearted. I think that’s a big tone of what I pray for everybody in the building and in our anything-is-possible generation. Just be you. The anything-is-possible generation. What is based? What does based mean? Shwoo. Shwoo. Shwoo.

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    Don’t respect women, respect women who deserve respect. I don’t see anyone telling everyone to respect men, only those who deserve it.

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