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Video: Riff Raff, "Time"

Improbably—and maybe in its improbability, just the way it was meant to be—Riff Raff has based his most endearing and heartfelt song to date on a sample from "Hey There Delilah." Sedate rather than off-the-walls, with his hairstyle changing insanely in every shot, Riff Raff appears here nearly comatose, propping himself up on a shelf of his refrigerator while someone arranges potato chips on his chest like a frat boy's prank. My dad is my best friend/ but it seems like I never call him unless I need some money, he drawls from the floor. When it's raining hard and my car breaks down/ I got no one to call one except AAA. Rapping sad, sometimes sustaining his voice in a gravelly sing-song, hip-hop's clown of the moment has gone convincingly Pierrot.

Video: Riff Raff, "Time"