Bushwalking, “Visual Jam Doughnut” MP3


Best song title ever from Bushwalking, with the word “Doughnut” spelled in fancy English since the band is Australian. But “Jam” is the operative word from the title, since that’s exactly what they do for the entire duration of the song. Bushwalking is a new three-piece project from Fabulous Diamond’s Nisa Venerosa and it’s really continuous and meditative and pretty, easily hitting that money spot on the bass that comes from droning so long, it just starts to hum. Squiggly ’60s-style guitars are nice, too, as is the moaning chorus that comes in and out, chanting like Gregorian monks. Bushwalking are putting out a record called First Time on June 12, which you can partly stream here.

Download: Bushwalking, “Visual Jam Doughnut”

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