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The Post Apocalyptic Music of Sand Circles

A couple summers ago, when it got too hot, I'd go up to my friend's roof and sit in a beach chair on hot tar, eating gross soft serve ice cream and listening to whatever cassettes we could find to play on the screwed up tape deck he kept up there all season. We didn't have Sand CirclesMotor City then, but I wish we had. Sitting somewhere between the dystopian Detroit future of Robocop, and a razed landscape of shimmering deserts and crumbling buildings—the beauty of Motor City is how it presents such a vivid apocalypse, constructing gorgeous sounds from decaying instruments. It's out right now on cassette on Not Not Fun, buy it, jam it, and then lose it in some dirt so some weird future mutant can find it later.

The Post Apocalyptic Music of Sand Circles