Nicki Minaj is Upset With the Reception for Roman Reloaded


Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj joined a long lineage of musicians giving up their presence on Twitter—see: Trent Reznor, Chris Brown, Kid Cudi—much to her Barbz’ dismay. Her fans have been campaigning to get her back with the #ComeBackNickiComeBack hashtag, but Minaj refuses to return, according to Miss Info who has acquired exclusive audio content from a pre-recorded upcoming episode of The Tim Westwood Show on BCC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra.

Minaj tells Westwood that she’s upset with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’s sales, especially in comparison to her platinum sell, #1 debut, Pink Friday:

People aren’t even giving the kid props for taking it back to the essence… This is my fourth mixtape really. You know what I’m saying. The Kid did like that so she could feed her fans. But really, now the Kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game.

Minaj uses the British accent she speaks to her alter ego Roman Zolanski accent in throughout the interview. She may be performing, or she could just be using the accent playfully, as she is also wont to do. Visit Miss Info’s site for audio. The full interview will air on The Tim Westwood Show this Saturday, April 21st, 9-11PM BST (British Summer Time) on BCC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra.

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  1. ya says:

    wasnt this going to be more of a rap album? the songs on the radio sound like her old stuff still sexy as hell, do a cover with playboy and i’ll buy it twice

    but on a serious note she can rap just need producers like Kanye, Lex Luger, Left Brain(would be dope)

  2. sexy aSS says:

    people were expecting a more rap album didn’t she say thats what this was and if she did a cover with Playboy I’d buy 2 copies.. she just needs to do a album with good producers like Kanye, Lex Luger, Left Brain( would be sick), maybe Pharrell depends what beats even a DJ Premier she can rap just needs to make music like the Dark Fantasy Verse not this radio stuff

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  4. Ross says:

    It’s her fault for making the music she does. Sounds like everything else

  5. Bill says:

    Guess what. If you don’t like the reception to your music actually make music that doesn’t blow dick.

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