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Jonathan Boulet, "This Song Is Called Ragged" MP3

Where Jonathan Boulet’s "Trounce" slid dark walls of noise into gorgeous drum-circle ecstasy, "This Song Is Called Ragged" finds him doing some sort of tropical Bruce Springsteen routine—melding a huge, all inclusive chorus to sunbaked percussion. In his best moments, Boulet comes across as the guy going wild on the dance floor. He'll get made fun of, maybe, but that only comes from a place of jealousy at how unmoored music can make a person who is fully in it feel. So yeah, Boulet is really in it—whatever "it" is. And if "This Song is Called Ragged" tells us anything, it's that he is a master of the unselfconscious song and the best thing any of us can do is just go with it, because if we let him, he might take us to some wild places. Boulet's We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart is out this June on Modular.

Download: Jonathan Boulet, "This Song Is Called Ragged"

Jonathan Boulet, "This Song Is Called Ragged" MP3