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Purity Ring, "Obedear" MP3

"Obedear" is the Purity Ring song that most mimics a Grimm's fairly tale, though they've had plenty of jams that beautifully combine the dark and the light. But "Obedear" is so specifically spooky that, underneath vocalist Megan James' sweet, cyborg-y voice, lies the menace of a deeply screwed demon of a vocal, a voice that pops up every now and then to answer her high notes with hellish ones. It's Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf dueting, a robotic, 2k12 version of a story that's been frightening kids for hundreds of years. Purity Ring have an album out July 24 on 4AD.

Download: Purity Ring, "Obedear" (via Pitchfork)

Purity Ring, "Obedear" MP3