Kanye West f. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss and Big Sean, “I Don’t Like (Remix)” MP3


When it was announced that Kanye West would be remxing Chief Keef and Lil Reese’s Young Chop-produced “I Don’t Like” it may have posed as a head scratcher to some, but the undeniable toughness of the track is so palpable, how could to believe that West declared it runner-up to his most favorite song? But what really links Keef and Kanye, aside from their Chicago roots, is that they both have the ability to relentlessly churn out music. Sure, when West rapped about [locking himself] in a room doin’ five beats a day for three summers, it was self-imposed. Even though Keef was housebound for legal reasons, it takes the same kind of real hunger to be that fastidious about your output. For the remix, West enlists his G.O.O.D. Music family members Pusha T and Big Sean, as well as Yonkers’ rap linchpin, Jadakiss. With the remix out, Keef’s accolades will continue to roll in, but we can already see the movement bubbling in our midst.

Download: Kanye West f. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss and Big Sean, “I Don’t Like (Remix) (Radio Rip)” (via Fake Shore Drive)

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  1. E. says:

    I can’t tell if it’s lost its addictiveness.

  2. luop says:

    Shouldnt have changed the beat and big sean shouldn’t be on this song at all

  3. vigo says:

    oh my

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  5. Jake says:

    Leave the beat the fuck alone. Pusha should have done a standard verse. This is a colossal disappointment.

  6. Hasan says:

    Brutal. Sounds like a cheap rip-off.

  7. jp says:

    big sean? might as well of thrown ellen degeneres on this thing. .

  8. AK says:

    Pusha’s fragment of a verse is the only worthy addition. Kanye could have potentially done a decent guest verse if he’d been willing to give himself to the original rather than trying to take the track for himself – his changes to the beat are bullshit. Big Sean is AWFUL and Jadakiss, who we know can rap, just didn’t even bother.

    You can tell how weak this is because the energy skyrockets every time Keef comes back in.

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  10. PARIS says:

    chief keef killed it man that nigga went hard on all his tracks and i dont care wat people gotta say cuz mufuckas gon always talk and cheif keef you gon forever have haterz so keep doin you and dont let nobody stop yo shine….and im just keepin it 3hunnna….#BANG,BANG…SHOUT OUT TO MY HOME TOWN THE CHI TOWN WAT IT DO

  11. chief keef says:

    How are you all hatin? Young dude is out here getting it just let him get his money…at least it isn’t drug dealing.

  12. NC says:

    Man… if they’re gonna ride on me playing Chief Keef I’m hoping they don’t miss… anything to make the music stop. We’re “hatin” because Keef can barely rap. He claims to be talking about the reality of his hood, but he’s only pushing negative bullshit. He’s not showing any other side to it. There’s no personal struggle or pain to it. He’s an arrogant 15 year old, who’s so ignorant he pulled a gun on a police officer. If he was a grown man he’d be a stain on the side walk. Now people like Kanye gotta come help him make money to save his ass. Which Kanye is just a snake, trying to get street credibility. Blood suck ‘em dry, and leave him with no credibility left in his own neighborhood. If he was spittin knowledge, they would want nothing to do with his ass! Just another wicker man…