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Mohsin Ali's Geometric Suits and Shirts

We declared our undying love for Mohsin Ali a couple seasons back, enamored by his quiet and seemingly instinctual use of geometric lines, cutting a Mackintosh coat sharply in half with a block of navy blue or mixing square-cut shirts with rounded, softly-hemmed shorts. For his fall collection, the British designer has pushed the geometry a bit farther, blowing out the shapes with an amazingly loud triangle print. The subtlety is still present—suits are cut just a tad short on the calf and overcoats are forgivingly rounded at the waist to keep things from being too hardedged. But there's no denying that these are statement clothes and we're pretty sure you'll be the only dude on your block with a red suit covered in equilaterals.

Mohsin Ali's Geometric Suits and Shirts