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Ditt Inre, "Månljus (Saknad)" MP3

Today, Stockholm duo Ditt Inre released "Månljus (Saknad)," off their upcoming En Värld I Brand EP—translated, that's "Moonlight (Regret)" from A World on Fire—for the endlessly hit-streaking pop label Cascine. To me, the sound's not as "moonlight" as it is dizzily squinting into stage lights, the refractions like rose petals and orange zest raining in slow motion. Losing your drink, squeezing between warm backs, blinking and seeing stars—maybe the moon never was a real moon anyway, just a disco ball to look up to on your way down. Ditt Inre's En Värld I Brand EP comes out digitally on May 29th.

Download: Ditt Inre, "Månljus (Saknad)"

Ditt Inre, "Månljus (Saknad)" MP3