Emma Mulholland Models Play Basketball in Mini-Skirts

Though Emma Mulholland told us recently that her clothes are heavily influenced by staring into the ocean and wondering what’s swimming around, it looks more like that ocean is one that exists on Mars, and it’s Pebbles and Bam Bam scuba diving around in it, not some regular old fish. Once again, she’s thrown us for a loop because instead of staging and photographing her new lookbook on the hull of a spaceship, where we’ve always thought her clothes belong, she’s made a video, “As Bad As I Guanna Be,” in which two models play one-on-one basketball on a humble varsity court. Maybe shooting the clothes in an everyday setting is a reminder that clothes can take you places, even if you’re stuck in humdrum high school. Or maybe it’s just fun to watch two girls jump around in sequined mini-skirts and orange ponytails. Check out our recent featured on Mulholland in The FADER #79.

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  1. dave says:

    officially the dumbest video i’ve ever seen! those clothes are darn ugly, sequenced green are u serious, thats like 10 years ago!

    p.s. i used to play basketball in that gym. go comets!