Download That Chromatics Album, Minus The Drums


Smack in the middle of an excellent interview on Pitchfork with Johnny Jewel, the producer behind Glass Candy and Chromatics and a whole host of other projects, there was a Sendspace link to download Chromatics’ sprawling new album-slash-magnum-opus Kill For Love minus any of the drums. The idea being that Jewel wanted to get the songs out there for producers to remix, even if he probably would never end up listening to even one of those remixes. It’s an interesting idea, but honestly, I’m not especially excited to hear what most people would do with the opportunity to throw their own drums under these songs either. What is interesting to me, though, is listening to the record without that essential element. It turns out that most of the songs actually can exist totally independent of drums—it’s just that some of more ominous or tense moments go down a lot smoother. There are a lot weirder ways to nerd out about one of the more awesome albums we heard so far this year.

Download: Chromatics, Kill For Love Drumless

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