Video: Phèdre, “Aphrodite”

The last music video for Phèdre’s totally not disgusting-soundingIn Decay” ended with a guy vomiting blood on a cooler full of goat heads. Thankfully, their new one takes a more restrained, albeit surreal, approach. “Aphrodite” is an enjoyable song, with an irreverent beat that includes a recurring puppy bark, so it deserves a good time with at least no upchuck. Supposedly shot in 2004 (?), the band-directed video is set in a party-lit basement full of balloons with hair in them—only gross part—and follows a game of mahjong led by an elderly player backed by a small army of dancers in operatic face paint. Family game night! Phèdre’s self-titled LP is out now via Toronto label Daps.

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