Video: Modeselektor and Thom Yorke, “This”

Did you ever watch all those claymation/stop motion/whatever Tool videos and wish that the characters in them would just quit attaching themselves to tubes and pulling pieces of their flesh off their own bodies and just dance already? If you did, then Modeselektor’s new video is definitely right up your alley. Credit where credit’s due to Modeselektor as well—it seems like they helped a post-Eraser Thom Yorke find his footing in electronic music, shepherding him in his quest to make weird songs, get weirder remixes, and do his Thom Yorke dance at the Boiler Room like it was no big deal. For “This,” Yorke’s ghostly vocals are blended with some heavy but restrained bass, and we get a window into what a puppeteer practicing might look like (scary).

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