Stream: Paradis, “Hémisphère”

If Matt Werth’s RVNG label specializes in music that is basically the sonic equivalent of taking heavy psychedelics inside a fancy museum, then the stuff he puts out with Tim Sweeney on Beats in Space is the sonic equivalent of taking heavy psychedelic in a place where heavy psychedelics are a lot more welcome. But that’s not to say that “Hémisphère” by Paradis is out of control drug music. It’s actually a pretty composed piece of hypnotic, almost minimal, early-evening dance music. Stream the track below, watch the video up above, and it’s not like we’re gonna advocate doing drugs while listening, but you’re totally welcome to get wild in your own special way. Paradis’ 12-inch is available right here.

Stream: Paradis, “Hémisphère”

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