Video: Smoke DZA, “New Jack” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

One of the hugest reasons the music internet is a double-edged sword is that we end up watching some dude grow into an artist as he’s growing. It leads to some awkward moments and less-than-stellar songs, but the payoff is when an artist comes into his own and manages to pull off something he’s clearly been striving for. “New Jack,” could very well be that moment for Smoke DZA. From an upcoming album produced entirely by Harry Fraud (more people should do that), DZA hangs out in a dirty, empty room, smoking at a piano, draped in an American flag. It feels like a callback to the rugged sloppiness of Pillage-era Cappadonna. The real appeal here, is how much it feels like DZA lived in this beat, he sounds comfortable over it—switching from off-key yowls to fast rap, and then drawling out other bits as well. It feels like a great step in an interesting direction. Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud’s Rugby Thompson will be out June 19th.

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