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Video: Torkelsen, "Simple"

The Norwegian producer Torkelsen’s unassuming gem "Simple" was first released last summer on a split 7-inch with Hard Mix, though a video's just surfacing now. Which is fine timing: the song's cheerily processed vocals practically beg to form a three-track playlist with two recent gems, Para One's "Lean on Me" and Tomas Barfod's "Broken Glass." While the music videos for Para One and Barfod's songs were glossy, sharply-shot affairs, Torkelsen goes goofy and lo-fi, fitting his song's leisurely swing over repurposed footage of a teenage dance performance in a mall, shakily filmed from a crummy position in the crowd. The slapdash video might not win any prizes for filmmaking, but the song's refrain more than justifies the aesthetic: Let's keep it simple. Torkelsen's self-titled debut LP is out now.

Video: Torkelsen, "Simple"