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Daily Inspiration: Donna Summer

Long before every lady in pop culture got called a Diva, before the word became so perverted that somehow Paramore was invited to a recent VH1 Diva's Special, there were just a few towering figures on the radio. Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Donna Summer—these were our operatic heroines, women who flipped between songs of strength and weakness so seamlessly that, even though they were living Diva lives that were decidedly unaverage in every way, they seemed to express perfectly the ups and downs of the average person. We were sad to hear of Summer's death today, but could only remember the good things, like how perfectly her songs capture all the complicated emotions that so many of us feel on that very important night of the week, Saturday night, empowered to put on a cute outfit and go out with our friends or sitting by the phone waiting for our dates to call us or drinking so much that we forget about our last break-up. Summer's songs were always danceable but also always serious. In fact, they were more serious to some because they were danceable and cathartic, and she wrote the lyrics to almost every one of them herself. Listen to "On The Radio," one of our favorites, and we urge you to go to the club tonight and sweat it out in Summer's honor.

Daily Inspiration: Donna Summer