Video: Ab-Soul f. Danny Brown and Jhene Aiko, “Terrorist Threats”

“Terrorist Threats,” a standout track from one of the strongest rap albums of the year, Ab-Soul’s Control System, has a new video directed by Aplusfilmz. Jhene Aiko paraphrases Jay-Z in support of Top Dawg, and Ab-Soul flips about 24 provocative double-meanings before Danny Brown obliterates his guest verse, opening with: Extra pills, extra pills/ Nose candy rain like Soul 4 Real/ My baby needs some Enfamil/ So bags get stuffed like Oprah grill. The LP is out now.

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  1. Cei Kim says:

    I believe she is paraphrasing Biggie, not Jay-Z.

    Notorious Thugs ~

    Spit yo game talk yo shit grab yo gat call yo click squeeze yo clip hit the right one pass that weed I got ta light one all them niggas I got ta fight one all them hoes i got to like one my situation is a tight one what you gon’ do fight or run.