Download SL Jones’ Paraphernalia Mixtape


SL Jones’ new tape Paraphernalia, was produced by entirely by DJ Burn One. From beginning to end, it’s one of Burn One’s most impressive projects, measuring up to previous achievements like his great tape with Starlito, Renaissance Gangster. Paraphernalia boasts variety, songcraft and attention to detail, a tough trifecta to find. Highlight “S.L.A.B.” is a perfect example—with a slow-grinding groove that sounds like Ciara’s “Oh” on sedatives and a double-time Bone Thugs-esque chorus, it manages to sound exquisitely-produced without losing its grime.

Download: SL Jones, “S.L.A.B.”

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  1. MrZone666 says:

    I like how this post is all about the production since SL Jones kinda sucks.

  2. m.still says:

    i think you might be havin some trouble readin bro.. looks pretty solid like he’s talkin bout both them dudes to me..

  3. MrZone666 says:

    Literally the only phrases in that paragraph that have possibly anything to do with SL Jones instead of Burn One are “double time Bone Thugs esque chorus” and maybe “song craft and attention to detail,” but I doubt it on those last two. This is definitely Burn One’s place to shine.