Ampichino and Young Bossi f. The Jacka, “Never Leave the Game” MP3


Ampichino and Young Bossi’s Cop Heavy Gang 2: Right Back, Ain’t Cheatin’ is a sequel to their similarly-titled collaborative CD from last year. The Akron, Ohio duo aim for an emotionally-intense brand of street rap. Their subject matter might be familiar, but it’s the tension between dramatic license and realism that charges this music. No track from Gang 2 better exemplifies this than “Never Leave the Game,” featuring Pittsburg, California’s The Jacka. After Bossi and Jacka take turns, Ampichino steals the show with a verse that’s dense with choppy syllables: I bundle blow, shovel snow, pitch rocks/ Come up short, slit ya throat, Alfred Hitchcock/ Shit hot, the dicks watch us through binoculars/ We rockin the diamonds, shoppin while watchin the opera.

Download: Ampichino & Young Bossi f. The Jacka, “Never Leave the Game”

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  1. Ampichino <3's the opera