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T. Lipop's Cold Weather Clothes

When we say cold weather clothes, we don't just mean that T. Lipop makes gear only for the dead of winter (though there are plenty of toasty parkas and fur vests). More than that, the British duo of designers makes fashion that's frosty in spirit. There's something quite bleak about the way he's thrown his autumn/winter lookbook together, as though it were shot in the DMZ. T-shirts are cut so long down the body and on the sleeve that they look like they were found on the street, not purchased in a boutique. We've seen pessimistic fashion before, and every now and then, in the relentless forward progression of the fashion world, a little bleakness can definitely strike our fancy even when we're just now breaking out bright, light Hawaiian shirts to wear all summer. (via Style Salvage)

T. Lipop's Cold Weather Clothes