Sinden, “Keep It 1000 (L-Vis 1990′s Construction Mix)”


UK DJ Sinden is super chameleonic with his songs, so we’re always psyched to see what similarly-minded, varied producers do when they remix them. L-Vis 1990, the dude who runs all-over-the-place label Night Slugs, is just as genre-free, swerving in and out of styles quickly, and a meet-up between the two makes perfect sense. On a remix of Sinden’s new song for his Grizzly imprint, L-Vis acts like one of those dudes on the beach combing the sand for metal, sending a magnet over the original so that the drumbeat comes up loud and proud and the low, aluminum notes are made prominent. DJs are really going to like this this summer.

Download: Sinden, “Keep It 1000 (L-Vis 1990′s Construction Mix)”

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