Video: Meyhem Lauren f. Heems and Action Bronson (Prod. by Harry Fraud), “Special Effects”

Himanshu Suri directed the video for “Special Effects,” the first clip to go along with Respect the Fly Shit, the album he, Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Tommy Mas, Harry Fraud and friends recorded together in an Austin hotel room during SXSW. Like that marathon session (motivationally recounted here), the video production took place in the intimate indoors, at Suri’s apartment. He explains:

I’m very lazy, so I wanted it to be where we live and watch movies on a projector. We live in a large loft in this old building in South Williamsburg. There was a SAMO tag on the wall but the Hasidic owners washed it away a couple of years ago. I wanted a pretty straightforward video with ‘special effects’ from visual jockey equipment [Suri's roommate] Fernando Eguchi would mess around with interspersed with footage from films Action, Meyhem and I like: Bad Lieutenant, Deep Cover, and Mr. India.

Lauren’s Respect the Fly Shit comes out soon via Greedhead/LRG, and will cost zero dollars.

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