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After Summer Jam Cancellation, Funkmaster Flex Interviews Nicki Minaj


Over three hours last night on his evening show, Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex spoke with Nicki Minaj about her decision to pull out of the station's Summer Jam concert on Sunday. Minaj told Flex to "simma" and said her manager was the first to suggest she bail, not Wayne. She apologized to ticket-buying fans, but not to Hot 97. Hear the interview here then read an excerpt of Minaj's comments below, and the entire transcript at the Observer.

For three hours, we emailed [Hot 97 manager Ebro Darden], and actually, my manager was the first person to tell me: Yo, you’re not going on that stage. Wayne was the second person. For three hours, we could not get a resolution. [CEO of Hip Hop Since 1978] G. Roberson emailed me, and said: Hey, I need you on the phone. Ebro said ‘Let me get to the bottom of this.’ You know I love Ebro. After he sent that email, we never heard back...You’ve already made your opinion clear, and nobody’s opinions seem to be changing. I just want to apologize to my fans for what happened last night, and like I said on Twitter, I’m going to make it up to them with a free concert. And they said you know what Hot 97? When you want our team to come to your show, treat us with respect. And that’s all we’re asking. We’re not asking for any special treatment. Just respect. And I’m very proud of my team, and the way they stood behind me—and I’m very happy to show my female fans in that audience, and even my gay fans in that audience, when I’m coming to your home, respect me. It’s no longer comedy. Wayne doesn’t take me as a joke….No radio station that allows someone to disrespect me before I go on stage deserves an apology. And I know you respect it. Say it.

After Summer Jam Cancellation, Funkmaster Flex Interviews Nicki Minaj