The Things I Carry: Ab-Soul


We always like to know what some of our favorite artists carry in their purses (and man-purses)—the essential items that they need for touring or subway rides, the Grammys or any other thing that they might be doing these days, which is why we’ve made it a regular column on the site.

Ab-Soul, the suburban-born, self-proclaimed underdog of Los Angeles’ Black Hippy collective, tops his long mop of curls with a hat most days and his eyes with big, sun-blocking glasses every day, since a childhood bout with Steven-Johnson syndrome made them sensitive to light. He’s in New York for a visit this week, and emptied out his pockets to show us his everyman essentials: hair tie, travel moisturizer, two $5 bills and three lighters. Soul’s ambitious, intimate new album, Control System, is out now.

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  2. marc says:

    haha why 3 lighters, Soul?

    2 5′s and the aveeno….amazing

    love this series keep it up!

  3. Abstract says:

    Yo Watch Out! one day ama steal that SXSW Lighter, don’t say i didn’t warn you ;p

  4. The realest says:

    This is the realest the things I carry ever, right above pharrell.