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Stream: Alice Cohen, "Silent Movie"


In the '80s, Alice Cohen (formerly known as Alice Desoto) co-founded The Vels, a Philadelphia synth-pop trio who released two albums via Mercury Records and had one zany minor hit called "Look My Way." Now Cohen resides in Brooklyn, making synth music, collages and cool stop-motion animation videos for bands like Ducktails. Her latest LP, Pink Keys, comes out today, the first release in a while from New York label Olde English Spelling Bee. "Silent Movie" is a slithering funk track, finding Cohen navigating the city's sidewalks and alleyways with soulful vocals and a retro Zapp & Roger-worthy bass line. Stream the song below, and don't miss the totally bizarre video for the album's first single, "Cascading Keys," embedded under it.

Stream: Alice Cohen, "Silent Movie"

Posted: June 12, 2012
Stream: Alice Cohen, "Silent Movie"