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JF & Son Debut Psychedelic Men's Collection

After a few seasons of making women's clothing so cool that it had some guys contemplating drag, New York brand-cum-boutique JF & Son has finally debuted a men's line. They've carried over their signature DNA—bold, wavy, adventurous prints (a collaboration with digital artist Travess Smalley) splashed across the simplest, most wearable shapes—far out and cozy at the same time. For dudes, this means psychedelic splotches covering basic button down shirts. Some of the prints seem a bit nutso at first, especially paired with matching short shorts, but imagine switching it up and wearing them splayed open over a grey T-shirt underneath and you'll realize that JF & Son's skill is letting you be just as wacky as you want on any given day.

JF & Son Debut Psychedelic Men's Collection