Dad You Be Killin Em: Woody Wood

June 15, 2012

We have so much to thank our fathers for. In addition to teaching us how to ride bikes and be good sports, they’ve also been our sagely guides through life. As a small token of our affection, we’re counting down to Father's Day (this Sunday, heads up!) by celebrating our dads’ style, wit and wisdom.

What did your dad like to wear? My family is from northern Maine and my dad rocked the classic down-east attire growing up. Bean boots, oversized glasses, jeans and maybe a Pendleton, some of which I'm still keeping alive today. Due to color blindness, he's recently developed a unique relationship with the color orange. It's the only color he can accurately see and has become a cornerstone of his daily life.

What music did he listen to? Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt and Clapton. The most defining characteristic of his music listening was the repeat button—those artist's albums are still imprinted in my head today.

What would he say? Does he have a fave phrase or saying? Something anecdote-y. A line he'd quote often comes from a Moody Blues album, On The Threshold of a Dream: There you go man, keep as cool as you can/ Face piles and piles of trials with smiles/ It riles them to believe that you perceive the web that they weave, and keep on thinkin free.

Dad You Be Killin Em: Woody Wood