Stream: K.I.D.S., “Ragged Old Angels (Demo)”


Information is pretty much nonexistent about London’s K.I.D.S., a new band with a blank slate Tumblr and an Icona Pop co-sign. “Ragged Old Angels” is their first song, a very promising demo with a long synth buildup and unstoppable bass line, rolling tough in a way that suggests the angels they’re singing of are Hell’s.

Stream: K.I.D.S., “Ragged Old Angels (Demo)”

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  1. mike says:

    seriously? a “mysterious unknown band” and you’re writing about it? cut the bullshit fader, this is obviously someone with ties to someone on this site don’t try to play your readers

  2. Duncan Cooper says:

    that’s a boring theory but you’re wrong. i wrote about it because i really like the song. and i found them because icona pop posted the link on their facebook, as mentioned above. no clue who they are beside that.