Watch 10-Year-Old Kreayshawn’s Home Videos

Kreayshawn shares “Baby Kreay @ 10 years old,” an endlessly-watchable montage of childhood-era videos she shot. “I decided to put some old footage of me up so you guys can see a little of how I grew up and some things that inspired me to be who I am today,” she says. It’s a pretty incredible time capsule, of Kreayshawn’s life specifically, but more generally of pop moments formative in the lives of her internet-baby peers. In the video, Kreayshawn pantomimes a sword fight to Wyclef Jean’s “Apocalypse,” the first track on his album The Carnival. She and a sleepover buddy dance to “Oochie Wally,” and at an adorably awkward co-ed backyard hangout, Kreayshawn plays Project Pat’s “Chickenhead” and “Don’t Save Her.” She also plays with her lizard, looks at herself in the mirror, shows off Lil Bow Wow liner notes and scans a bedroom for roaches. At the end, foreshadowing her career as a music video director, she says, “I’m looking forward to making more documentaries,” and then, shifting over to a poster in her room, “I am a brave little girl.”

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  2. East Oakland Pimp says:

    Oh man, East Oakland KREAYSHAWN (remember she said she was a Drug Dealer/Pimp?). WOW! Let me think now… Oh man, I don’t know! She and her black buddies look so scary.