The Things I Carry: Chief Keef

Photographer Geordie Wood
June 26, 2012

We always like to know what some of our favorite artists carry in their purses (and man-purses)—the essential items that they need for touring or subway rides, the Grammys or any other thing that they might be doing these days, which is why we’ve made it a regular column on the site.

Chicago teenager turned mainstream rapper Chief Keef made his New York live debut last night. Today, he stopped by the FADER offices, still wearing the white-framed sunglasses he donned onstage. After filming an interview (coming soon) and poking fun at the Instagramming skills of his entourage, Keef emptied his pockets, revealing a serious wad of 50s, a visitors pass to Universal (the parent company of his new label Interscope) and a torn-open box of Magnum Trojans.

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The Things I Carry
The Things I Carry: Chief Keef