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There's Some New Tame Impala Music In This Video

Normally, when a band releases one of these teaser videos it's an instant delete for me. I'd rather just wait for the album. With Tame Impala, though, it's always been a little different. When they were leading up to the release of Innerspeaker the band posted all these videos of them recording at some awesome beach house. There were lots of shots of waves and dudes chilling at a piano. It looked like a pretty good time—and if you want to get deep about it, it looked like a pretty good life. This is something that the Perth-based band does very well. Maybe all the members are chilling in the middle of nowhere blazing joints and drinking beers, recording when the mood strikes, or maybe it's a lot darker than that, there's certainly an overwhelming sense of melancholy to their music. But despite all that, Tame Impala make it seem like the life they live is the life we maybe all should live: slightly out of sync with everything else, but still connected enough to know what you don't want. It's like they're making the most accessible outsider music around. It's pretty fitting, then, that the album, which is out later this year on Modular, is called Lonerism.

There's Some New Tame Impala Music In This Video