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Our Summer Sneaker: Nike Roshe Run

If you've been going to some of the same parties that we have, you might have seen more than a few people gliding around on the very same thin, neon-soled sneakers that are just about the most aerodynamically designed shoe we've ever seen: that's the Roshe (pronounced ROW-SHEE) Run, a new look from Nike that has quickly become the shoe of the summer. It's understandable—slipping into a pair of Roshe Runs is kind of like spending the day walking on a Tempur-pedic mattress. They’re ridiculously light, so much so that you almost forget that you have them on. They're also getting love from both sides of the gender line, and bright tones like Orange Chalk and Violet Wash can work for dandys and girly girls alike, and we've seen a few women complimenting long skirts with Roshes instead of simple flats. The best part? They're only $70, which really makes them the sneaker of our summer.

Our Summer Sneaker: Nike Roshe Run