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Download Yelawolf and M-16's Heart of Dixie Album


Yelawolf the person versus Yelawolf the narrative is probably something that could be discussed in an extensive essay (not this blog post) chronicling the pitfalls of being a white rapper, of being a white southern rapper trying to break the mold of white southern rappers, of being an artist trying to navigate a bizarre music industry. Yelawolf the person/artist, though, is a great rapper, and this is something that shouldn't be overlooked. On this concise album (which many would likely say is a return to form for Yelawolf, and we would agree), Yelawolf moves from speedy pulled-up-by-bootstraps rap to verbal acrobatics and back again. Related: here is a short film for Yelawolf and Rittz’ "Gutter."

Download: Yelawolf and M-16, Heart of Dixie

Download Yelawolf and M-16's Heart of Dixie Album