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Ricky Blaze, "Jump On 4" MP3


Next week Ricky Blaze—best known as the producer of techno-pop reggae hits like Santigold's "Disparate Youth," Major Lazer's "Keep it Going Louder" and Gyptian's "Hold Yup"—will release a new, electro-leaning EP, Crash the Party, via Brooklyn label Fool's Gold. On the project's opener, "Jump on 4," Blaze layers playful vocals over high-adrenaline synths. It's goof-off happy, falling somewhere between a trance heater like "Heartbroken" and the stuff hamsters dance to in Kia commercials. Download the track and watch FADER TV's 2011 interview with Blaze below.

Download: Ricky Blaze, "Jump On 4"

Ricky Blaze, "Jump On 4" MP3