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Stream: LOL Boys f. Heart Streets, "Changes"


LA/Montreal duo LOL Boys continue a hot streak of sentimental lounge music with "Changes," the title track from their upcoming EP on Friends of Friends. Following the past few years' widespread obsession among young producers with overstimulated rave sounds, the LOL Boys' devotion to the softer, downtempo side of dance is a welcome breath of fresh air. Over spirited brushes of jazz snares and what's probably not a physical trumpet, they layer breathy and subtly textured vocals from Montreal's Heart Streets. Depending on how you interpret them, the lyrics call for forward motion that's either about relationships or about making forward-thinking music: Things won't change until we do. Both 12-inch and digital releases are up for preorder now.

Stream: LOL Boys f. Heart Streets, "Changes"

Posted: July 11, 2012
Stream: LOL Boys f. Heart Streets, "Changes"