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Stream: Papercutz' "Where Beasts Die" Remix EP

Last week Papercutz released The Blur Between Us, a dark album guided by the Portuguese producer Bruno Miguel's unusual but exquisite electro/acoustic textures. One of the LP's most tender songs is the ghostly folk track "Where Beasts Die," thanks in large part to doe-like vocals by Melissa Veras. Now that song's the deserving beneficiary of two great remixes: a low-key techno interpretation by Sweden's Bam Spacey and a nearly eight-minute downtempo remix by the new British duo Kiyoko, with compelling organic percussion and Veras' voice set out like fall leaves on the wind. Stream the original "Where Beasts Die" and its remixes below, and download The Blur Between Us here; a vinyl version comes out in September via Sounds of a Playground.

Stream: Papercutz, Where Beasts Die EP

Stream: Papercutz' "Where Beasts Die" Remix EP