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Video: SSION, "Feelz Good 4 Evr"

Actually, even with its green screened, slime covered insanity, this is relatively simple for a video by SSION, a Kansas City costume lover who's produced entire drag queen melodramas to accompany past songs. "Feelz Good 4 Evr" is just main dude Cody Critcheloe, in the best leather jacket we've ever seen, at a microphone foregrounding a spastic, undulating assortment of crying smiley faces and mushroom clouds that seem made for projecting at a Berlin club. Simple, right? And in some weird way, it also feels like a cool, campy homage to Madonna's least-liked and in-most-bad-taste video of all time "American Life", which had similarly apocalyptic green screens. We're told there's a House of Ladosha cameo somewhere in there, though you might get a headache trying to find it.

Video: SSION, "Feelz Good 4 Evr"