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House of Style is Back!

We'd been snagging grainy YouTube clips of House of Style, MTV's fashion show from the early '90s hosted by Cindy Crawford, but finally, finally, they've put the entire thing up online for viewing pleasure. It's a mecca for that era's Alt Nation swag: Dapper Dan, Linda Evangelista, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gianni Versace, Pam Hogg, Salt-n-Pepa, Will Smith, Lady Miss Kier and Sassy Magazine were all featured in the first season, and there's also some heady stuff that we forgot, like a discussion with Naomi Wolf and Camille Paglia about anorexia and the beauty myth. Word is that they'll be reviving the show for the internet, but until then, catch up on the entire backlog.

House of Style is Back!