Video: 2 Chainz, “Spend It (Live at vitaminwater uncapped)”

July 25, 2012 12:15PM

Urban radio darling and self-proclaimed “hair-weave killer” 2 Chainz recently dropped the second single from his Def Jam debut, “Birthday Song” featuring Kanye West. On its chorus, he jumps from pondering his creative process to what he wants for his birthday to where he’d like to be buried when he dies. And yet somehow, this is a party record. Surely he has the song’s co-producer Sonny Digitial to thank for that, but he has only himself to thank for the gaggle of hits he’s amassed in the time it’s taken him to establish the release of a 2 Chainz single as an event. “Spend It,” a song from last year’s Codeiene Cowboy mixtape, didn’t come with a label-sponsored roll out, but is nonetheless undeniable as a club killer. Watch 2 Chainz perform it at the vitaminwater uncapped Seattle show, yelling We gonna have to name that lil baby Mercedes!, along with everyone who attended. You can find more videos from all uncapped shows on the vitaminwater YouTube channel and earn yourself a chance to see one of the remaining uncapped shows by signing up for our mailing list.

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