Download Domo Genesis and The Alchemist’s Album No Idols


Last year, Odd Future’s Domo Genesis impressed with his stoney, deeply LA-indebted mixtape Under the Influence and has since shared a bunch of one-offs that show off a growing lyrical prowess. For No Idols, he links up with iconic producer The Alchemist. The Alchemist has a history of working with Eminem and Prodigy, but lately has been spreading his gifts to up-and-coming talents like Action Bronson and Freddie Gibbs, who both appear on the collaborative album, which also features guest appearances from Wolf Gang members Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, as well as Smoke DZA and Vince Staples.

Download: Domo Genesis and The Alchemist, No Idols

01 Prophecy
02 Fuck Everybody Else
03 All Alone
04 Elimination Chamber [ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, and Action Bronson]
05 Power Ballad [ft. Smoke DZA]
06 Me and My Bitch
07 Till the Angels Come [ft. Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy]
08 The Daily News [ft. Spaceghostpurrp, Earl Sweatshirt, and Action Bronson]
09 Like a Star [ft. Earl Sweatshirt]
10 The Feeling
11 No Idols [ft. Tyler, the Creator]

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  1. Case says:

    This shit is incredible. Classic material. Domo always improving, Alchemist still in his peak zone. I need to fucking donate to OF. I feel guilty having all this outstanding music for free. Can’t wait till Mellowhype. Push that shit up.

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  3. jeremy says:

    took me an hour to find the right download link

  4. joey4100 says:

    one of the best odd future mixtapes ive heard!