Dentist, “I Get So” (Whitney Houston Mix) MP3

August 02, 2012

Dentist is a New York-based artist who comes to us by way of Cluster Magazine. According to them, he plays the sexy Picachu character in Le1f’s now infamous video for "Wut." It's a curious musical introduction to Dentist, though, since his calm, unfurling music couldn't be further in tone from Le1f's rap bluster. Dentist's sound is much closer in spirit to some backing track of a quietly tense Lars von Trier movie or something equally dark. On "I Get So," he somehow manages to turn a Whitney Houston sample into something sprawling, as if Houston were sending an infinite echo out into the atmosphere.

Download: Dentist, "Crawling"

Download: Dentist, "Circular"

Download: Dentist, "I Get So"

Posted: August 02, 2012
Dentist, “I Get So” (Whitney Houston Mix) MP3