Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls at Olympics Closing Ceremony


The summer Olympics concluded last night in London, with a music and fashion-themed Closing Ceremony. The show, performed on a stage made up of catwalks arranged in the shape of a Union Jack, featured Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lenox, supermodels walking to David Bowie (not present), Liam Gallagher doing “Wonderwall” (without warring brother Noel) and a finale by The Who. Fatboy Slim popped out of an octopus to do “Rockafeller Skank,” which still kind of goes. A dance performance set to a new version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up the Hill,” available now at Bush’s website, was cut from the US broadcast, but you can watch it here. NBC aired a Spice Girls reunion, who performed a medley of their two biggest singles, “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life,” which you can watch here via NBC. As ever, Scary Mel B and Sporty Mel C handled most of the singing, while Posh, Baby and Ginger cheered alongside. Sadly, each Spice stood atop a London taxi on her own platform. With so much distance between them, there were no Girl Power hugs.

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  1. Ian says:

    So enterprising the video is already down! :((

  2. Rob says:

    Think it might be stretching things a bit to say that Kate Bush ‘performed’ – wasn’t it just a recording of a new mix of Running Up That Hill?