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Stream: Azealia Banks, "Succubi"


Last week, a vogue-obsessed Azealia Banks tweeted out the word "vamp," referring to a femme fatale or moves on the dance floor, particularly in the context of the ball scene. Fellow Harlemite Jim Jones has often used "vamp," as in vampire, to talk up his late-night lifestyle, and he got bent out of shape, thinking Banks was trying to appropriate the word. Banks is no stranger to Twitter-related beef, having previously scuffled with Kreayshawn and T.I., but took this disagreement to wax, releasing "Succubi," a diss track directed at Jones, on Sunday. It's one of Banks' most precise tracks; over an AraabMuzik beat, her flow is calm, and she doesn't try to shove too many words into each verse. The staid delivery makes insults like, You're a man, though. Why would you care? sound even more powerful.

Stream: Azealia Banks, "Succubi"

Posted: August 13, 2012
Stream: Azealia Banks, "Succubi"