Stream: Evil Nine f. Danny Brown, “The Black Brad Pitt”


If there was anything that the world needed but totally didn’t realize, it’s this Evil Nine song featuring Danny Brown, which casts Brown as some sort of sex-obsessed monster (not the first time!), rapping over Evil Nine’s jittery, minimal beat. It’s one of those tracks that, rather than try to force itself to adapt to Brown’s weird style, instead just goes along for the ride: guitar stabs show up almost randomly, a xylophone gives way to an ambient whoosh…this is basically Danny Brown saying gross stuff to the soundtrack of a horror movie. Credit where credit’s due though—this never crosses over into the realm of unnecessarily over the top. In addition to Evil Nine’s original, check out the Soufien 3000 remix, which will be perfect for you if you felt that the original needed more heavy synths or you really wanted to imagine Danny Brown rapping about being the black Brad Pitt while existing inside a video game. The Black Brad Pitt EP will be out August 20th on Bromance Records.

Stream: Evil Nine f. Danny Brown, “The Black Brad Pitt”

Download: Evil Nine f. Danny Brown, “The Black Brad Pitt” (Soufien 3000 Remix)

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