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Two New Menswear Collections from Bangkok

August 15, 2012

We've been eyeing Bangkok as a possible menswear hub since we ran a feature on fledgling Thai label Painkiller back in FADER #75's Fall Fashion roundup on women designing menswear. And now, it seems Painkiller has company. In addition to their new fall collection, check out autumn clothes from Q Design and Play.

Designer Siriorn Teankaprasith continues to refine her brand of artsy tailored menswear in her Fall collection to suit "one Mystical gentleman." The character inspiring the season is a mysterious dude: a world traveller, collector—maybe even a hoarder—who's home looks like a cabinet of curiosities, a mess of minerals, carvings and found objects. Some standout pieces include sturdy motorcycle vests and jackets in thick wool felt, and a graphic crystal print shirt punches up the wintery color palette of moody blues, purples, and shades of grey.

New to the scene is Q Design and Play, a duo with a background in graphic design who are releasing a Pre-Fall collection under the name "Mountain Horse." The pastel color story comes from, as the designer puts it, the way that horses view color in their surroundings. We're most psyched about the various graphic horse pieces, screen printed using the brand's signature Halftone technique, similar to the Photo Booth comic book effect.

Two New Menswear Collections from Bangkok