Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Nick Catchdubs

Globe-trotting DJ and Fool’s Gold executive Nick Catchdubs is a master of multi-tasking. We could claim he sharpened the ability while authoring stories for the FADER way back when he was an editor here, but as the old sports adage goes, “You can’t teach heart,” and Catchdubs has always had plenty of it. It’s something that comes through in everything he does, whether that be writing captivating features, producing jamming mixtapes or rocking parties with a wide array of musical genres. The latter, for which he has become widely acclaimed, is not something he takes lightly, dedicating hours of “downtime” to preparation for future gigs. Recently, he invited us into his lab, stomping around his apartment in a fresh pair of white Converse All-Stars to talk records and what DJing means to him.

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  1. Ummmmm says:

    Shortest ‘interview’ ever. Catchadubs is the man but that was just stupid.