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Philadelphia rappers have a well-earned reputation for chewing holes through industry beats on mixtape freestyles, but also coming up short when having to produce original songs that require concepts and choruses. Eighteen year-old Grande Marshall avoids such pitfalls on 800, mostly eschewing the teeth gnashing of so many All Flamerz veterans and rapping over subdued, atmospheric production, some of which he’s responsible for. Other times he’s in the very capable hands of rising stars like Silky Johnson, Ben Pramuk and DJ Dahi, who produced Dom Kennedy’s recent breakout “My Type Of Party.” Marshall has made enough noise already to have been lumped into some rather unfortunate categories (being classified as “trillwave,” performing recently at a small festival called Trillectro), but his pedigree is much deeper than Tumblr tags would have you believe. Start with “Dearly Beloved” (as he’d want you to) and wait for his Finding Forester-style adaptation of Andre 3000′s “I Can’t Wait” verse for “Ellie Fox.” Somehow, the tape never loses steam, the whole of 800 coming off abnormally cohesive. To be clear, it is as good as a debut mixtape gets.

Download: Grande Marshall, 800

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  1. eric says:

    c’mon fader…this stuff is just garbage? nothing exciting about what this kid is doing, just more of the same. YAWN.

  2. ndg says:

    Been murdering the repeat on this tape for days now, nice to see this #NewPhilly movement expanding. The worlds for the taking

  3. Da Truth says:

    THIS IS FUCKING TRASH what happend Fader yawl trippin’

  4. Plucky Duck says:

    Grande is making moves… quality work

  5. SydneyLove says:

    @Eric/Da Truth that was a PURE hater comment right there, you have no valid detail backing your poor opinion. Sounds personal…. It’s a great project nonetheless. Quality production as well as rhyme content. He did a great job.

  6. lap says:

    it sounds exactly like kanye west

  7. alex k says:

    hooks are catchy, beats are all on point..

    lyrics are good stuff, he’s saying cool things and being funny at the same time..

    he definitely clears some room for himself in a crowded ass rap world

    i also have no personal investment into this kid, shit’s just dope

  8. @chadeezy says:

    Grande is the truth

    produces his own sh*t and slays tracks, don’t be surprised when labels jump at him.

  9. panda says:


    anybody that says this album is trash/garbage is a flat out HATER

  10. herbivore says:

    Gande that nigga, quality music

  11. Ross says:

    Good shit. I like this

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  13. Desh says:

    At least 3/4 of these songs are listenable, and there are some real quality cuts. He been going hard. Pretty dope for a mixtape

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